If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 911 or the Community Crisis Hotline at 520-622-6000.


Staff Qualifications

Clinical Supervision / Program Director

  • Master’s degree in social work, Psychology, or related field and 5 years of experience in providing direct services in behavioral health work, including at least 1 year of full-time administrative supervision experience.
  • Master's level clinical supervisors are credentialed through an established process that document education, experience, and training to ensure staff is competent to perform the jobs they hold.

Behavioral Health Technician

  • Has a master's or bachelor’s degree in a field related to behavioral health or is a registered nurse
  • Has a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field with one year of experience in mental health settings
  • Has a high school diploma or equivalence accompanied by:
    • 18 credits of post high school education in a behavioral health-related completed no more than four years prior to working with members
    • Four years of behavioral health experience

Behavioral Health Paraprofessional

  • Has twelve weeks of behavioral health work experience and has the skills and knowledge required.
  • Or, someone who receives 6 weeks of continuous onsite supervision from a behavioral health technician or behavioral health professional.
  • Candidate must demonstrate that they have the skills and knowledge after the six weeks of onsite supervision.

Training Requirements

Within the first year of employment with Evolved, staff will obtain HR orientation, job orientation including and in service on proper documentation and receive and review the employee handbook. Staff will maintain current CPR and first aid training as well as ongoing risk management (verbal de-escalation, confidentiality, boundaries, safety, and working with challenging members)

BHT and BHPP staff will be required to obtain 40 hours of training the first year and 20 hours every year after. Staff need the skills and knowledge documented in the following areas:

  • Protection of client rights
  • Provides treatment that promotes client dignity, independence, and is strengths-based.
  • Recognizes common signs of mental disorders and substance use.
  • Meet the needs of members 65 years or older, individuals with substance abuse issues, individuals with serious mental illness, or individuals with co-occurring disorders.
  • Protect and maintain member records and information.
  • Recognize and respect cultural differences.
  • Recognize, prevent, and respond to situation where a member may:
    • Be a danger to self or others
    • Behaving in a destructive manner
    • Experiencing a crisis situation
    • Experiencing a medical emergency
  • Recognize and respond to fire, disaster, or medical emergencies
  • Provide specific recommendations as outlined in individual service planning
Evolved - Employment Training Requirements

Clinical Supervision

  • Behavioral health technicians who work full-time will receive four hours of clinical supervision per month.
  • Behavioral health technicians who work part-time will receive one hour of clinical supervision for every 40 hours worked.
  • Clinical supervision occurs on an individual or group basis and may include clinical supervision around a specific incident, emergency, or safety response.

Emergency Safety Response

Member de-escalation

It is the policy of Evolved to remain a “no touch” facility for members in crisis. Staff will attempt to defuse any crisis situation using verbal conflict resolution skills including offering a choice of positive and appropriate coping strategies to manage the situation. These may include taking a walk, self-separation from the trigger, problem solving to address the underlying need being expressed, and staff verbal support.

Per ADHS guidelines, although Evolved does not utilize seclusion or restraint interventions, Evolved is aware of and will follow the reporting expectations regarding injury during restraint or seclusion and regarding the member rights violation of utilizing restraint or seclusion as a form of retaliation.

Employment Application

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