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PTSD Treatment

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a disorder in which a person has difficulty recovering after witnessing or experiencing a terrifying event. The condition may last months or years, with triggers that bring back memories of the trauma experienced, accompanied by intense physical and emotional reactions.

PTSD can be treated. With treatment, survivors of trauma can feel safe and live happy, productive lives. Evolved provides various PTSD treatment options to increase the quality of your life.

PTSD Symptoms

There are a number of symptoms that signify a need for PTSD treatment. The following are signs that you may have problems with PTSD:

  • Experiencing flashbacks of the traumatic event
  • Extreme fear or scary thoughts
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of interest in hobbies that you previously enjoyed
  • Nightmares
  • Avoiding places that might remind you of the event
  • Aggression or violent outbursts
  • Feelings of guilt, especially if others were injured or died during the event

When these symptoms start interfering your ability to function at work, effect your relationship with others, or decrease your enjoyment of life, they should be addressed through effective treatment.

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PTSD Treatment in Tucson

Evolved LLC is a fee-for-service Outpatient Clinic that provides PTSD treatments. Our outpatient programs are provided in a clinic setting. A wide array of services are organized within a therapeutic environment which includes individual and group counseling sessions, educational programming, as well as participation in community resources. Our licensed clinician is available on-site to assist with individual care. Our Professional Care providers can help you treat PTSD, improving your quality of life.

PTSD Treatment FAQ

Who gets PTSD?
PTSD has no restrictions on age. Men, women, and children can get it. Anyone who has been through things like a war, or a physical and sexual assult can be victims of PTSD. In some cases people can suffer from PTSD after someone close to them expirences danger or harm. Another common cause is a sudden death of a loved one. This can effect anyone.
Do kids have a different reaction to PTSD?

Kids and teens can both become victims of PTSD but it may not affect them the same way it does adults. The most common symptoms kids tend to have are the following:

  • Can become unusually clingy to their parent or guardian.
  • Not being able to speak
  • Reenacting the event during playtime
  • bedwetting
Why do some experience PTSD and others do not?

There are a few factors that go into whether someone develops PTSD or not. Some people have specific risk factors that make them more likely to develop symptoms.  These factors exist even before the trauma occurs. Some of these include having a history of mental illness. If you have little or no social support after a traumatic event, this can make it more likely. After a traumatic event occurs if you are dealing with high stress, this can add to the situation and make you susceptible to PTSD. 

How long can PTSD last?
In most cases if PTSD is not treated it can last a very long time. Maybe even the rest of one's life. With some people PTSD symptoms can gradually fade over time. With others even after their symptoms fade away, things can be done to trigger reminders and bring the symptoms back.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for PTSD Treatment

When someone is looking for PTSD Treatment, they will most likely receive cognitive behavior therapy. The reason for this is because it has been found to be one of the most effective PTSD treatment methods available. This is used in both short term and long term treatment. Cognitive behavior therapy is also known as CBT, is trauma-focused when it comes to PTSD treatment. It is used to help identify, and understand the trauma. This then gets used to help change the thinking and behavior problems that a patient is dealing with. the patient will be taught what to do to help cope with the symptoms. These things will be practiced repeatedly. Over time this will help ease the ptsd symptoms.

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