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How Do You Know You’re Addicted?

How do you know you're addictedSeveral signs point to addiction in an individual. The most common include: loss of interest in life, increases tolerance to certain substances, having withdrawal symptoms when not using the drug, and more. If you notice any of these symptoms, you need to seek proper assistance as soon as possible. Addiction can occur when using various substances; they don’t have to be illicit.

Addiction is a problem that can affect people in all classes of society. For an addict, identifying addiction can be challenging. Multiple psychological and environmental factors impact the progression of addiction someone experiences. So, it’s always essential to get an outside opinion about your condition to find proper treatment.

Addiction Can Occur with Different Substances

Addiction isn’t exclusive to a certain substance. People every day become addicted to both prescription and illicit drugs. The likelihood of your becoming addicted to a specific substance depends on your personality. Some people have more addictive tendencies than others, and vice versa.

Your environment also plays a massive role in how likely you are to become addicted. Whether you’re someone dealing with addiction issues or know someone. It’s essential to understand the key signs.

To help you get a better understanding of how to identify an addiction, continue reading.

How Do You Know You’re Addicted?

Continued use is the most common sign of addiction for prescription drug users. You take prescription medications on a pre-determined basis. If you know someone that continues taking the medication after the prescribed amount of time. In that case, it could indicate an addiction problem.

Another significant sign of addiction is increased tolerance. Especially for a particular drug or substance. The amount of medication needed to achieve a certain euphoria determines tolerance. If you consistently need more of a substance than before, it’s likely because of addiction.

If you feel weak, depressed, or nauseous after taking a substance, this is a sign of addiction. For those that can’t seem to control their urge to use a certain drug. This is a clear indication that you’re suffering from addiction.

Changes in your personality are an indicator of addiction. People that find themselves stealing from family, selling personal belongings, and trying to hustle for drugs are addicted. If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, there are solutions.

Addressing the Signs of Addiction

Once you’ve identified the signs of addiction, you need to find the best treatment. When speaking to a doctor, they will assess all angles of your addiction. Once the assessment is complete, your doctor will assign a treatment regimen. They will assign one with the highest effectiveness.

Treatments for addiction include medication, psychotherapy, and more. Your exact treatment will depend on the severity of your addiction. The length of time you’ve been dealing with addiction also plays a major role.

People Also Ask

Q: What qualifies as an addiction?
A: An addiction, by definition, is a disease that results from changes in your brain’s chemistry due to heavy alcohol or drug use. Addiction is also excessive use of a substance that leads to a breakdown in relationships, health, jobs, and life.

Q: What does it mean to be addicted to something?
A: To be addicted to something means you have a compulsive psychological dependency on a habit-forming substance.

Q: What happens when you are addicted?
A: People suffering from addiction exhibit several signs. They exhibit uncomfortable cravings for certain substances despite knowing the harmful consequences incurred as a result of using the substance(s).

Understanding How You Know You’re Addicted

Addiction is a serious problem, and those serious about overcoming it need to do everything in their power. Using this article’s information, you can approach addiction equipped with the knowledge to make real change. Overcome your addiction and start living a healthier life today. For more information contact Evolved Health Services today.